Our Cattery

Cats are happy and relaxed staying in our superb 5 star accommodation. The cattery is set in very peaceful surroundings overlooking a meadow. The hedgerows are buzzing with wild life so there is always something to keep their attention and interest. The cattery consists of two suites of 18 chalets. All the chalets are bright spacious and family sized, enabling you to provide lots of comfort items from home. Cats from different households are never mixed, nor have direct contact with each other.

The Cattery is meticulously designed to the highest standards and exceeds the guidelines stipulated by the Feline Advisory Bureau. Each chalet is spacious, warm and comfortable, designed specifically to be healthy and hygienic. The chalet areas are full height with different shelving levels for sleeping on. Our guests are warmed by the thermostatic heater in the cold months or alternatively on warmer days snoozing in the sun in the front attached exercise area!

Your cat’s welfare is our priority

We take great pleasure and pride in running the cattery. A boarding card outside each suite is used to record your cat’s activities and is checked three times a day. The attention given to the cats, ensures that they are content and well cared for. We maintain the standards of the Feline Advisory Bureau, and are very particular on bio-security throughout.

Our staff have specialist knowledge and are carefully chosen. The owner is qualified in First Aid Certificates for animal care and a BSc in Physiology and Zoology. Other members of staff employed are usually from a veterinary care background and all are obviously cat lovers!

Special Needs

Special care and attention is provided for vulnerable and elderly cats and those on medication. They will receive extra special care as required to ensure that all their needs are met. We will fill in a comprehensive Medication Form and take note of any other concerns you may have, to ensure we are fully aware of your car’s individual needs. We will ensure that your cat’s/cats’ stay with us is a contented one.

We care for cats with:

  • Arthritis
  • Convulsions/Epilepsy
  • Heart Disease
  • Nervousness
  • Skin Problems
  • Allergies
  • Blindness
  • Deafness
  • Digestive Problems
  • Kidney Disease


We do not provide cat wheels but you are welcome to bring along your cat’s favourite plaything to go in teir room.

What our guests’ owners say

I am so happy to see how well Florence is after her first visit to the Pet Park Hotel. Florence is a 17 year old deaf cat with special needs, the special needs being everything any cat owner will recognise! As an older cat, Florence was a fussy eater and looked a little poor. However, two weeks of care and attention with a change of diet, which she loved, she has filled out and looks a lot better. Ok, I’m getting earache for leaving her for two weeks but I can cope with that! I will have no qualms at taking Florence to the Pet Park Hotel again. Thank you to all who looked after Florence so well – she loved it!

Jenny Eld From Facebook

A wonderful cattery who took such good care of our two cats Echo & Wally. Echo developed an infection (a recurrence of a previous one, and not linked to the cattery at all). The cattery spotted it immediately, called to inform us, took her to our vets, paid for the visit and medication, and administered it until we picked her up. I could not ask for better care. I will not hesitate to use you in the future. Worth every penny. THANK YOU!

Lindsay MeliaFrom Facebook

Would like to thank all the friendly staff for looking after Irie & Rasta whilst we were away. They both looked very healthy when we collected them. Was great to see pics on FB with our permission whilst we were away.

They will be staying again in the future.

Angela PriorFrom Google Local Business

5* A special place & perfect for my much loved kitties Jan, Rob & their team were very welcoming & the accommodation was spotless, spacious, light & airy. Will definitely be planning future holidays around availability in the cattery for my 2 gorgeous kitties. The Facebook update picture is a lovely touch, thank you

Sophie PittsMy mail

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Low Numbers Cats receive lots of attention and care Clean bowls for every meal Facebook updates on request

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